DEA Attacks Fentanyl Crisis With Stricter Laws

Grains of Fentanyl

DEA Cracks Down on Fentanyl

The DEA has issued new laws regarding Fentanyl on an emergency basis, which means the DEA found enough evidence that Fentanyl is extremely deadly and serves no real medical purpose.

“We’re seeing Fentanyl mixed in with our heroin. We’re seeing Fentanyl mixed in with our cocaine and we’re also seeing Fentanyl mixed in with our methamphetamine,” explained Indianapolis DEA Special Agent in Charge, Greg Westfall.

Just a few grains of the drug can be deadly. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine.

“Since 2015, the DEA has used their authority for emergency scheduling approximately 6 times and we have scheduled 9 different types of Fentanyl, but each time we do that, these illicit clandestine chemists will take that opportunity, they’ll change just one compound and then that they can make that whole act that we did insignificant, because it’s not illegal,” said Westfall.

The new regulations will eliminate this loophole, allowing the DEA to prosecute for any and all variants of Fentanyl. The DEA is also coordinating with other nations to stem the flow and production of Fentanyl.

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