There Ain’t No Narcan Left in Nashville

Nashville Narcan

Officials raise concerns as life-saving medication is running low

In Nashville, close to a dozen people have overdosed in the last two weeks alone. “It breaks my heart,” said Dewayne Holman, the executive director of the Nashville Prevention Partnership.

Holman received a grant to supply the lifesaving drug Narcan to agencies who need it in Davidson County, but that was months ago. There’s now a supply and demand issue.

Our whole nation is experiencing this epidemic at the same time, and so getting our hands on it has been difficult,” Holman said.

“It’s not uncommon to see drug addicts or people who are in close proximity to drug addicts, maybe their family, maybe their peers, [to carry Narcan] because they know the risk,” Holman said.

Holman is hoping to get 500 to 800 more doses distributed throughout Nashville over the next few weeks.

He said time is of the essence, and if you think this opioid crisis doesn’t affect you, Holman would argue you’re wrong.

“We as taxpayers, we definitely do bear the burden of this. Someone has to pay for the Narcan, the treatment, and things like that. So right now the taxpayers are on the hook for this while the corporations have made a lot of money, billions of dollars,” Holman said.

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