Multiple Overdoses of K2 Results in Public Health Alert

Recently there has been an enormous uptick in the number of people overdosing from the synthetic drug K2. At the time of this writing, nearly 80 people have overdosed near Yale University. Thankfully there haven’t been any fatalities in this current crisis, however there was a death from a similar but smaller streak in February.

Public Health Alert

Three people have been arrested in connection with these K2 overdoses. It is suspected they were distributing free samples to get people addicted and create a market.

K2 is a synthetic drug that functions similar to cannabis. Unlike cannabis, however, synthetic cannabinoids such as K2 is strongly addictive, has intense withdrawal symptoms, and a rise death rate from overdoses. Often, K2 is mixed with other drugs or “ingredients” such as the rat poison brodifacoum which is thought to extend the duration of the high, PCP, or fentanyl.

Nationwide Problem

Designer drugs such as K2 are only getting more prevalent. They are a big problem not just in Connecticut, but in New Jersey, Florida, Washington, and every other state. Overdoses from these drugs aren’t just a danger to the victims, they also overwhelm support services. Responders such as police, fire, medical services, and hospitals all are burdened with the consequences of these drugs, endangering the lives of everyone else they are meant to serve as well.

If you are using drugs such as K2, please recognize the dangers associated with them. They are not safe and can cause problems you are not expecting or prepared for. And if you are using synthetic cannabinoids or any other drug that you need to detox from, please reach out and accept the help that many drug detox centers in Florida such as ours are offering to help you. Call us today at (844) 299-0618 to learn about your options.


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