Addiction Strikes Mother and Son in Lafayette, Louisiana

Pamela Knight

Pamela Knight shares her struggles with addiction

She was a model high school student, but behind the scenes Pamela Knight was drinking heavily. Then later, in her 20s, she began using cocaine on the weekends.

As reported in The Advertiser, after her second son, Connor, was born in 1993 things began to spin out of control.

“He’s the one who struggles today,” she says. “When he was 6 or 7, I was watching him play football. I fell off the bleachers and hurt my back pretty bad, so the doctor prescribed me Vicodin.

The first time I took it, I felt like Superwoman. I loved it. Then when I was done healing, I kind of always wanted it, so I played the system. I went to doctors, dentists – there’s a point where you say ‘I have to stop,’ but you go through withdrawal … it’s horrible.”

Shortly thereafter, Pamela was introduced to Percocet, which she calls “the blue Devil.”

“My justification was that it was a 30 mg pill with no Tylenol, and it won’t hurt my liver,” she explains. “But now, I couldn’t stop. I was getting them on the streets … I was fine on the surface, but I was withdrawing from my life.”

Eventually, Pamela got to the point where she was just using to be “normal.” She crushed the pills, counted them constantly, and missed family functions when she knew she was running out.

“The time and energy I spent,” Pamela reflects, “When I needed a quick buzz, I took cough syrup with Oxycodone. I would take so much that I would get sick, and I didn’t even care. But that’s my past. I can’t live there.”

She hid her addiction for the next 14 years. It wasn’t until January 2013 that her family started getting suspicious.

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