More than Addiction

Addiction to substances can wreak havoc on the life of the addict, but there may be more than the addiction causing problems. Some addicts suffer from mental issues that seem to multiple the problems that they face. The staff at the Florida House can help diagnose dual or co-occurring issues and develop a recovery plan that will address them both. Tips for Recognizing More than Addiction Issues 1. The person has a major change in behavior. Some will stop caring for their own bodies and develop bad hygiene habits. Others will show high risk behaviors. A major change in attitude, actions and personality should always be a sign that there is a problem. 2. Isolation protects the addict from being discovered. It may also be a sign that the person has developed a phobia or issue with people on top of the addiction needs. 3. Emotional outbursts – particularly in angry displays – reveal hurts and struggles in the heart and mind of the addict. See beyond the outbursts and recognize that there may be more than an addiction issue that needs addressing. It takes a trained counselor to recognize the dual diagnosis that can occur with addicts. FHE Health will help make the determination and prepare a path for recovery.

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