More Expensive Treatment Not Always Better Treatment

In America we’re often raised to think that the more expensive something is the higher quality it is. But this is far from accurate and often it’s the other way around. In drug and alcohol addiction you have many options and more expensive doesn’t always equal better.

The Problem With Pricey Rehabs

You’ve probably seen video of the actor or musician of the week who’s gone to some high-end rehab. Some of these look like wonderful retreats with fancy cooks and large open campuses. So how could that be a bad thing?

It all comes down to accountability. Many of these expensive rehabs are focusing on profit. They’re not focused on your recovery, and in fact even have an incentive for a relapse because then you’ll come back and give them more money.

Patient-Focused Rehab

Less glitzy rehabs can be rough. They’re not supposed to be comfortable. In your recovery, you are forced to not just detox, but confront you inner conflicts to help create a new and healthy lifestyle. This sort of change is not easy, but it is effective if you put the work in.

Helping Pay For It

Sometimes even the lower-cost options are hard to pay for. If you have Medicare/Medicaid or private insurance, they should cover a good percentage. If you do not have access to insurance there are also sliding scale clinics, government subsidized clinics, and nonprofit treatment centers. Some faith-based organizations also offer cheap or free rehab but do be cautious and do your homework to verify that they’re using evidence-based methods and aren’t just trying to get you in their doors.

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