“Mommy’s Dead”, 4-Year-Old Son Discovers Mom Overdosed

Mommy's Dead

Grandmother Left to Raise Kids Orphaned by Overdose

Like so many other grandparents across Pennsylvania, Denise Shanahan is reliving her child-rearing days, but in very tragic circumstances. As reported in the York Daily Record, one day two years ago, she sent her grandson Jordan upstairs to check on her daughter Bryanna.

A few minutes later Jorden came back downstairs and told his grandmother, “Mommy’s dead.”

Bryanna was 25. In addition to Jordan, she left behind a younger son, Kaden.

Denise knew what she had to do. She adopted Jorden and Kaden.

She thought, “I raised two daughters on my own, and here I am, at 50-something, doing it again.”

Before overdosing, Bryanna was trying to line up a rehab. She wanted to get back on Vivitrol, a drug used to treat addiction by blocking the cravings for opioids. But she told her mother she had to be dirty to get back into rehab and back on Vivitrol and went out to score some heroin from a friend.

Next thing Denise heard, she had wrecked her car in Baltimore.

She came home with a good amount of heroin. She was at home when she was using the last of it. She didn’t know the heroin was laced with Fentanyl, a drug exponentially more powerful than heroin.

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To read more about how one grandmother in Pennsylvania is coping with the aftermath of her daughter’s overdose, please visit York Daily Record.

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