In One Missouri Town, Police Send Patients to Recovery – Not Jail

Drug Pocket Guide

New Program Arms Police With Drug Guides, Helping Guide Patients to Recovery

During the past few months, the Columbia Police Department has been conducting some unusual training, arming its officers with informational cards that connect drug abusers with local services that will help them overcome addiction.

According to spokeswoman Bryana Larimer, the department also trained 130 officers in how to administer the life-saving drug naloxone, and has had two employees complete a course to train any remaining or new officers as they join the force, she said.

The program was put in place after the city had to respond to more than 300 overdose calls. “Our officers received the resource cards and are expected to be carrying them,” Larimer explained.

As part of the program, CPD officers will also carry Narcan — a nasal-spray form of naloxone — to reverse the deadly effects of an opioid overdose. Columbia Public Schools are planning to train staff to use Narcan as well.

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To learn more about how one small town in Missouri is fighting the impact of addiction, please visit the Columbia Tribune.

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