Miss Tennessee Caty Davis Speaks Out Against Addiction

Miss Tennessee

Pageant winner travels across Tennessee fighting addiction

“I’m not just a blonde pageant girl,” says the energetic 22-year-old from Knoxville. In her role as the current Miss Tennessee, she has traveled over 80,000 miles speaking to 50,000 schoolchildren about Character Education.

One of her main goals is to educate children about the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction. As reported at KnoxNews.com, when Davis speaks to school students, she empowers them with the “Four C’s.”

“When I speak at schools I always touch on addiction and I touch on the four C’s. I didn’t cause it, I can’t cure it, but I can celebrate myself, and make good choices. That applies to anything in their life whether it’s addiction or a family argument.

Davis has seen the impact of addiction firsthand. “I grew up in a family plagued by addiction. I have 12 family members who have or are still struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, I lost my father, my brother, and grandfather to addiction, all to this brain disease that alters brain chemistry.”

She is also adamant about people taking closer control of the prescription opioids they have at home. “It’s about counting your medication, locking them up and disposing of them properly. Seventy percent of opioid misusers got their start out of the family or a friend’s medicine cabinet. The Super Bowl is coming up and there will be lots of parties; lock up your medication. Count them before and after the party or when you have visitors.”

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To read more about Miss Tennessee Caty Davis is taking a stand against drug and alcohol addiction, please visit KnoxNews.com.

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