Miami Overdosing on Cocaine Like It’s 1999

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Cocaine and Heroin Deaths Surge in Miami

Miami has had a long and well-deserved reputation for cocaine and drug use, though recent years have been relatively quiet. New data though, shows that cocaine and heroin use are back with a vengeance in the Miami area.

Cocaine-related deaths averaged more than 35 a month in 2016, while heroin claimed more than 10 people each month.

“What you’re seeing in the medical examiner data is a direct result of the increasing supply of cocaine,” Justin Miller, Miami’s DEA intelligence chief. “Unfortunately, we are seeing the consequences of having that much cocaine coming into our region.”

Helping to drive the surge in cocaine use is a bumper crop of production in Columbia. There, officials have stopped spraying to kill the coca crops because it was harming other legitimate food crops.

Unfortunately, the net result has been a dramatic upturn in the amount of cocaine heading to the US, and South Florida in particular.

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To read more about the drug overdose crisis in Miami, please visit Miami New Times.

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