Massachusetts Fentanyl Crisis Sparks Governor to Action

Boston Mass

Massachusetts Arms Itself Against Fentanyl Overdoses

As the Massachusetts fentanyl crisis continues to deliver overdoses and death across the state, Governor Baker is urging legislators to take action.

As reported by the Lowell Sun, Gov. Charlie Baker highlighted state advancements in fighting the opioid epidemic and the battle he’s undertaking to ensure fentanyl and carfentanil dealers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“I think the mere fact that we don’t really have a practicing fentanyl standard right now is a problem,” Baker said during a Tuesday afternoon editorial board meeting with The Sun, which was followed by a visit to Endeavor Robotics in Chelmsford.

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A fentanyl trafficking charge, established by the state Legislature in 2015, inadvertently set a high burden for law enforcement to meet.

As the law stands, someone dealing heroin laced with fentanyl can only be prosecuted for fentanyl trafficking if the confiscated drugs contain 10 grams or more of fentanyl. State Police crime lab testing equipment can only determine the presence of the synthetic drug, not the quantity, essentially making the law unenforceable.

A fix to this has been pending in the Legislature for months, tied up in the criminal justice bill debate, Baker said.

“Everybody agrees this needs to get dealt with,” he said. “There is a sense of urgency about it.”

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To learn more about how Massachusetts is working to create stricter laws against fentanyl trafficking, please visit the Lowell Sun.

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