Fentanyl Dealer’s Marriage Proposal Goes Badly

Alex Henize

Christmas Plans Go Awry for One Columbus Man

It was supposed to have been a romantic Christmas Eve for Alex Henize and his girlfriend. But when she rejected his marriage proposal, things went from bad to worse.

WSYX-TV reports Columbus police found 5 kilograms of suspected fentanyl at a home Tuesday after a woman’s relatives reported she was being held captive.

Police say 28-year-old Alex Henize told officers he was upset after his offer of marriage was rejected. Police say Henize gave officers permission to search the home for a gun the woman said Henize had threatened to shoot her with.

Henize was charged with drug possession. Prosecutors told a judge Wednesday that he also endangered his daughter by keeping the drugs in the same home as her.

“He admitted he was cutting up the fentanyl after receiving it,” assistant Franklin County prosecutor Dan Staley said in court. “He was very careful in the way he did it because the family wouldn’t be there. He admitted to cleaning up the kitchen with bleach, the same kitchen the two-year-old has access to.

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To read more about a Christmas Eve marriage proposal gone bad, please visit ABC 6.

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