Louisville Family’s Son Overdoses in the Middle of Writing a Sentence

Louisville Family’s Son Overdoses in the Middle of Writing a Sentence

The family of a young Louisville family is attempting to pick up the pieces after their son died of an overdose just hours before he was scheduled to begin rehab. Adam Cooley, just 27 years of age, was found overdosed in his bed after his last bender went horribly wrong.

A commonly occurring trend, Adam planned on one last hit before the morning – only this hit was laced with Fentanyl. Hours later, his parents found him in the morning after starting what was to-be his final communication, a letter declaring his commitment to getting clean.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Donna,

I want to express my upmost gratitude on assisting me to getting into the Healing place on so quick of a notice. I was told there was a 6 month waiting list but you somehow worked your magic and got me admitted within a day. I honestly think I would be dead or in jail if it weren’t for your gentle, caring, loving soul. I promise that I will take every ounce of my energy and strength

Because of Adam’s sudden death, the letter stops there.

Don’t let Addiction Ruin Your Family’s Life

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