Little Rock Overdoses Turn Deadly

Little Rock

In Little Rock, 2018 Starts On a Grim Note

At this time last year, Little Rock had seen its share of overdoses, but only one fatality. Now, just one month into 2018, and there have already been five overdose deaths.

As reported by Arkansas Matters, Little Rock Police officials say overdose death numbers so far in 2018 are concerning.

Since January 1st, at least five people died from an overdose. Officers have responded to 34 overdose calls and 16 NARCAN units have been administered to reverse an overdose.

“If any of those calls somebody could’ve died on those calls,” says Officer Moore.

Officer Moore says at this time last year, only one person had died from an overdose. Fast-forward one year later, people are overdosing nearly anywhere.

“We’re finding them in houses, all over the city. It doesn’t really hit one area. We’re also finding people in restaurants and parking lots,” says Officer Moore.

As the opioid crisis devastates communities, it’s also crippling local hospitals, dealing with another health crisis.

“We’re at capacity for a number of reasons. For right now, the flu and flu-like illnesses are pushing our capacity beyond 100 percent,” says Dr. Seupaul.

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