Lancaster Addict Steals From His Own Grandmother

Grandma's Bracelet

Heroin Addict Visits Grandma’s House and Steals Her Jewelry

A Lancaster man was arrested for stealing jewelry from his own grandmother and then selling the jewelry at a store in York.

As reported by the York Daily Record, Jared Lebowitz of the 1000 block of Hemlock Road in Lancaster is charged with one felony count of receiving stolen property.

On March 12, Lebowitz sold seven gold rings, two gold charm bracelets and four gold chains for $1,000 at a jewelry refinery on West Market Street in York, according to charging documents. The charms on the bracelets contained first names or first and middle names along with birth dates, charging documents said.

Police believed Lebowitz stole the jewelry from family members who weren’t aware of the theft. Charging documents said police used the information from the charms to trace the jewelry back to Lebowitz’s grandmother, 82-year-old Sandra Lebowitz of Lancaster. When police talked to Sandra, she said she was unaware the jewelry was stolen from a cabinet in her bedroom.

Sandra told police Lebowitz stopped by her house for about a half hour on March 12, when he asked to use the bathroom, according to charging documents. When he didn’t return after 10 minutes, she went to check on him and found him inside the built-in cabinet in her bedroom. Charging documents state Lebowitz lied about why he was in the cabinet, saying he was “looking for his son’s truck.”

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To learn more about how a Lancaster heroin addict stole from his own Grandmother, please visit the York Daily Record.

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