Laced Heroin Growing Increasingly More Common in Indiana

Laced Heroin Growing Increasingly More Common in Indiana

Heroin in Indiana has shown increased amount of laced substances, Delaware County Prosecutor Jeffrey Arnold informed The Star Press. Consistent with issues other Midwestern states are facing – stronger and stronger opioids are being cut with heroin.

Police officers are finding heroin laced with opiates such as fentanyl and carfentanil, which is so potent it’s used to tranquilize elephants, according to the News Tribune.

“It’s pretty bad stuff. It just takes a little bit to get into your system and mess you up,” said Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley.

Drug dealers can increase their profits by adding in additional substances to their supply. This comes amid nationwide concern for emergency responders who have become seriously ill after accidentally coming into contact with drugs.

Just touching fentanyl can have catastrophic effects. Trace amounts of synthetic opiate that is 50 times stronger than heroin on clothes, on surfaces, or dustings in the air are enough to hospitalize a grown adult.

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