Drivers Overdose and Crash in Knoxville


Knoxville Men Lucky to be Alive After Overdose Crash

Drugged driving incidents continue to affect communities all across the country, as users driving under the influence overdose and lose control of their vehicles.

This week, an overdose crash was caught on video in Knoxville, Tennesee. As reported by WATE, two men crashed in the KARM Thrift Store parking lot on Hall of Fame Drive in Knoxville. First responders revived them by using the life-saving drug called naloxone.

According to the district attorney’s office, suspected overdose deaths so far this year in Knox County total 38. For the month of January, there were 32 suspected deaths. In February, there were six.

Marisa Cannida and Detriedah Welsh were driving on Hall of Fame Drive Wednesday when a car almost hit them and crashed into the KARM Thrift Store parking lot. They found two men unconscious inside the car so they called 911.

“I see his head all the way back to the seat. It’s just way back,” said Cannida.

The Knoxville Police Department said they were using heroin. Both men were transported to a hospital.

“Every life matters and I want to make sure people understand that clearly,” said Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch.

Chief Rausch’s department deployed naloxone 78 times last year. 50 were at a home, apartment or motel. The other 28 were at public spots like highways or convenience stores. That is 35 percent.

“This is a disease and what happened is a result of their disease,” he said.

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