In Suburban Philadelphia, Killing for Heroin on Ridge Pike

Ridge Pike

Gruesome Stabbing on Busy Suburban Philadelphia Road

Suburban Philadelphia has been no stranger to the opioid crisis – but things took a violent turn in Plymouth Township last week as a young couple from West Norriton decided to simply kill their dealer instead of paying him.

Ridge Pike was the scene for a grisly crime scene as police found a car with a man who had been stabbed multiple times.

Based on a tip from nearby Eistein Medical Center ER, police were able to apprehend Austin Parkinson and Lana Lare, both who are 20 years old. Authorities said Parkinson and Lare had arranged to meet the victim to buy drugs but, once inside the victim’s car, Parkinson instead stabbed him with a “Nazi style” knife before fleeing with eight bundles of heroin valued at $800.

District Attorney Kevin Steele said the victim, Chad Konata, was “another casualty of the far-reaching opioid epidemic we’re facing here in Montgomery County. This man was murdered for about $800 worth of heroin — $800.”

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