Ketamine, “The Most Exciting Development In My Lifetime”

Doctor Gerard Sanacore, the director of the Depression Research Program at Yale University cites Ketamine as potentially one of the most exciting developments to reach the psychiatry world in his whole lifetime. Ketamine infusion is meant to treat mood disorders. Dr. Sanacore says, however, in spite of how exciting the treatment possibilities with Ketamine are, that we still have a ways to go before the treatment is “ready for prime time”. (WebMD’s “Mental Health Disorders”)

The History of Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine was developed in the 1960’s. The drug was originally used by surgeons as an anesthetic for patients when they went to surgery. It was specifically used for soldiers during the Vietnam War. Now the drug is used as a way to block pain for those suffering from chronic and acute pain. While the drug was and is used as a very effective pain blocker for legitimate medical issues, it did find its way into the street market. Ketamine is often referred to as “Special K” when it is sold illicitly. It is abused by those suffering from drug abuse and addiction for its anesthetic qualities, much like other anesthetic acting drugs such as fentanyl, a popular opioid and also used for surgical purposes when used legitimately…

Something that may seem counterintuitive is that though this medication is abused by those who suffer from substance abuse, it is also an extremely effective treatment for mood disorders like Dr. Gerard Sanacore mentioned. It’s counter-intuitive because dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and mental illness, often mood disorders, are an explosive combination. Dual diagnosis comes together and gang up on the patient who suffers from a chemical dependence, enhancing symptoms and the two disorders so the person struggling is trapped in agony unless the two disorders are properly treated simultaneously. And even then quitting is exponentially more difficult than for those who do not suffer from a dual diagnosis.

When used legitimately, Ketamine is most often administered in a clinic or hospital through an IV. This allows the drug to take effect much more efficiently than the average depression treatment does.

How Prevalent is Depression Anyway?

Tens of millions of adults across the United States suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, and many of those people suffer from the disorder in Florida. It’s perhaps surprising to hear it, but so many of those who suffer from depression are unable to use common antidepressants and therefore suffer from the disorder while able to do so little to counteract their symptoms from their depression. Recently, however, the speedy and positive effect of Ketamine Infusion Treatment on depression has come into major focus in the medical field for more than just it’s anesthetic purposes.

As Ketamine slowly becomes more available many of those people who aren’t able to use traditional means of treatment for depression are finding that Ketamine treatments work for them where antidepressants fall short. Still, availability for Ketamine continues to be restricted to most clinics and research studies for probably obvious reasons – substance abuse and continuing studies being two of those reasons. FHE Health is dedicated to and determined to offer patients a speedy and effective way to find relief from their major depressive disorder symptoms. For those who come to FHE Health with a mental health dual-diagnosis, Ketamine Infusion Treatments can make a huge difference in recovery treatment because the drug can help subdue depression and therefore can help the patient in question to sustain a sober life as they go through withdrawal during drug detox, and then also through long-term drug rehab. FHE Health prides itself in being on top of the most up to date treatments available.  

Dual Diagnosis – How Mental Health Disorders Complicate Treatment

Dual Diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, come in all kinds of different forms and so can create all kinds of different signs and symptoms and consequences for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Intoxicating substances and mental health disorders alike range from symptoms that result in extra energy, as well as depleted energy levels. Major Depressive Disorder results in substantially lower than normal energy levels, sometimes people suffering from the disorder struggle to even get out of bed in the mornings. These disorders can also cause weight gain or weight loss, depending on the person struggling with the dual diagnosis.

The most difficult part of treating a dual diagnosis is that all of the disorders represented in the patient must be treated simultaneously. When a person struggles to recover from chemical dependency and a psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol and they also suffer from a mental health disorder, trying to treat just one disorder at a time will inevitably be a failed treatment approach. The disorder treated first may seem to be in remission but will likely crop up again when the person turns their attention to another disorder. It can be demoralizing for those giving and receiving treatment.

The stigma that people with both substance use disorder and mental health disorders have to deal with in the world is brutal. It has taken years for doctors and society as a whole to accept that neither of these types of disorders is choices people are making. They don’t represent misbehavior or a bad person. On the contrary, these are chronic illnesses that can not be cured but can be managed if treated appropriately. This is where effective treatments such as Ketamine come in to play. These days people are still not completely on board but at least most doctors understand the facts of the matter.

Ketamine Treatment Centers In Florida

If you’re interested in Ketamine Therapy in Florida, give FHE Health a call at (866) 653-6220 to talk about the program. If you or someone else you know are struggling with addiction to drugs or addiction to alcohol please take action. There’s help in community and treatment. Our qualified staff of licensed professionals supports the dual diagnosis patient from detox through outpatient relapse prevention aftercare.  Neuro treatment programs and medical treatment is available to meet each person’s needs. At Florida House, Experience creates each treatment plan individually because we know how unique each patient’s story is.

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