Is the US Creating a New Permanent Subclass?

Whether or not you are aware of it, the opiates crisis across the country has gotten so bad that nearly everyone knows someone else who is abusing opiates or is an addict him or herself. What it’s starting to seem like, though, is that there is never going to be a proper full-scale response to this epidemic, which means there will always be millions of people around the country who’re having their opioid addictions appeased rather than treated.

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Anthony De La Rosa was 22 when a player on his college baseball squad introduced him to a new drug: Oxycodone. “We weren’t just smoking weed any more. We would go to practice, come back and snort Oxy in the dorm rooms. At that time, I was told it was a muscle relaxant, so I didn’t know about addiction. I didn’t know anything.”

In fact, Oxycodone is a highly addictive painkiller and a molecular cousin of heroin. When De La Rosa encountered it in 2012, America was awash with opioid painkillers. Doctors prescribed 234 billion milligrams of morphine equivalent that year, nearly 10 times more than two decades earlier. They were emboldened by research, paid for by Big Pharma, which claimed there was little risk of addiction — despite centuries of evidence documenting the dangers of the euphoria-inducing opium poppy. Click Here to Continue Reading

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