Is Sober Living in Florida My Best Option?

What is sober living?

sober living in floridaSober living in Florida refers to living a drug free life in Florida. Being sober means that you do not use or abuse any kind of mind/mood altering substance like drugs and or alcohol. Sober living is also synonymous with housing or living accommodations that are especially for people in recovery for drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Sober living includes detox, inpatient residential living, halfway houses, and sober houses.

What are my sober living in Florida options?

Sober living in Florida has saved countless lives of former addicts. At first the transition from active addiction to recovery and in some cases thousands of miles away can be a hard pill to swallow. No pun intended. It’s hard work to leave behind the only life you’ve ever known for the unknown. Your sober living in Florida options includes condos, apartments, houses, duplexes, apartment garages, and studios. You can live anywhere from a mansion on the beach that’s dedicated to sober living to a humble apartment downtown. It really depends on how much you have to spend on your housing.

Why is sober living so important?

Sober living is one of the crucial parts of addiction recovery because it provides accountability to the person in recovery. Being accountable for our actions is very important and it gives you reason to stay sober for yourself and for others. Without this community of people living under the same roof trying to achieve the same goal (of sobriety) recovery can be very hard.

Is Sober Living in Florida My Best Option?

FHE Health is located in Delray Beach, Florida so we’re a little biased about Florida. However, we’re not the only ones praising the sober living in Florida recovery community. In 2007 the New York Times reported on the thriving recovery community in Delray Beach and then In 2012, Delray Beach was ranked as one of the best small towns in the United States by Travel USA Today. There have also been other articles that have listed Delray Beach and the sober living in Florida community as one of the best recovery locations possible. Sober living in Florida has been the best choice for many recovering addicts and all it takes is for you to go to a few meetings and see for yourself.

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