OK, you’ve decided to make the choice to live a sober lifestyle, and now you’re faced with the decision of what treatment that you need.  At Florida House, we offer amazing In House Rehabilitation for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction on the Southeast Florida Coast in Deerfield Beach.

This is generally phase one of the intensive residential inpatient rehababilitation day/night treatment. This is specifically for clients who are in need of intense clinical serves. It is designed to assist clients in demonstrating work-life balance in recovery. You’re given the opportunity to rebuild healthy networks of healthy, sober support with peers and the local community.  Many other rehab centers have even referred clients to us because of our outstanding programs that have the internal resources necessary to maintain sobriety.
the florida house experience offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug addiction, as well as, medical detoxification for residents in south florida
Residential or In House Rehabilitation treatment in Florida House includes a minimum of thirty hours per week of therapy.  This could include a wide range of therapy from psycho-educational therapy, group therapy, individual therapy or family therapy. You work with your primary therapist on a customized recovery plan during your car in residential or in house therapy.

This helps improve your chances of recovery from an addiction because there is support all around you.  You’re shown the skills you need to ensure that you’re able to overcome all the challenges of sobriety and rehabilitation. Detoxification is just the beginning.  We help you build the fundamental building blocks to strengthen your core, promote your self-sufficiency and become and participate as a contributing member of society. You also learn to budget, job search, food prep and grocery shopping, all in an effort to surround you with healthy lifestyle choices and gest you used to making healthy choices for yourself. All this is undeniably the key stones to getting your life back on track.

Give us a call today and come see how together, we can change your life ! 866.421.6342. Or come check us out today and talk to a caring counselor who’s only goal is to get you back on the wonderful road to sobriety. Someone is waiting to talk to you now, so don’t hesitate. You only have one life to live, lets make it all that it could possibly be!

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