Indiana Mother Faces Charges After Baby Suffers Heroin Overdose

heroin overdose

Indiana Mother Faces Charges After Baby Overdoses on Heroin

A mother from Yorktown, Indiana, was arrested after her 16-month-old son overdosed on heroin. She was charged with neglect of a dependent, possession of a syringe and reckless possession of paraphernalia.

Diasha Clark, 26, found her son Wednesday night with a plastic bag in his mouth filled with a powdery substance, which is now believed to be heroin. According to the baby’s cousin, Clark didn’t want to go to the hospital and insisted her son would be fine. The cousin rushed him to the hospital when he stopped breathing, where he was revived with naloxone.

“First of all, you have the addict who chooses to take the drug, but then people who don’t make that choice to take the drug are impacted or hurt in some way,” said Eric Hoffman, chief deputy prosecutor for Delaware County, Indiana.

Parents in the area are heartbroken by the situation. “My child is one month old, and I just look at him and he’s so, so innocent,” said parent Alyssa Kreitl. “It just makes me so sad when they are put in these situations that are so beyond their control.”

This is probably not the only example of a child being involuntarily affected by drugs. “I’m sure there are a lot that live in that horrible environment where they see their parents use heroin, abuse heroin, are there for heroin deals,” said Hoffman.

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