Indiana Expands Medicaid Coverage for Addiction

Indiana Capitol

More Than 80,000 Addicts In Indiana Now Eligible for Expanded Care

Across the nation, states are looking to expand Medicaid access to help fund the growing demands of the opioid crisis. As reported by Indiana Public Media, Indiana Medicaid will now cover residential treatment, detoxification and peer recovery services. The federal government approved the expanded coverage earlier this month as part of the Healthy Indiana Plan’s Medicaid waiver extension.

HIP, Indiana’s Medicaid expansion, includes certain unique features, outlined in a so-called “demonstration” waiver that requires periodic approval from the federal government. That approval was announced Feb. 2.

Indiana Family and Social Services Secretary Jennifer Walthall said the intent of the new coverage is to make different types of treatment available for people with different needs, from serious inpatient programs to services for people in long-term recovery.

We may need to meet people in multiple different areas as they make their way through the recovery process and we want to have all those safety nets in place,” she said.

Even though the measures were approved as part of the HIP waiver extension, she said, they apply to all Hoosier Medicaid enrollees, not just HIP members.

The program already covered other addiction treatment services, including all three medication-assisted treatment therapies: buprenorphine, naltrexone and, most recently, methadone.

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