Importance of Fitness and Recovery in Addiction Treatment

florida drug detoxA balanced state of the mind, body, and will, is needed for one to recover from addiction. When an individual is addicted to a drug or any substance, the body, mind, and spirit are affected. This means that the healing process should heal all three aspects. At any given time, the body, mind, and spirit are associated and hence, one cannot function without the other two. For full recovery to be achieved, it is essential to enter a fitness and recovery program. The program will help an individual achieve physical fitness while at the same time recover from the addiction problem.

How the Program Works

Prior to joining any given fitness and recovery program, the health status of the patient is assessed. This includes assessing any physical complications or limitations that a person might have. During the assessment, the patient responds to a number of questions. For instance, patients are asked whether they have the ability and willingness to join a fitness program. It is recommended to first educate or inform the patients on the importance of the fitness and recovery program in their journey towards overcoming addiction issues. A rehabilitation center has to have qualified professionals who will help the patients through the physical aspect of their healing process.

Once a patient has been assessed, they are assigned a professional who helps them to formulate an appropriate fitness and recovery plan. It is essential for patients to be committed and dedicated towards adhering to the plan. Strict adherence is the only means by which they can fully heal and regain their health. The goals of the fitness and recovery plans need to be realistic and achievable. For instance, a patient’s goal may be to maintain an ideal body mass at the end of the program. Such a goal is realistic and can actually be achieved by a patient who is determined to recover from any form of addiction problem.

Components of the Program

A fitness and recovery program comprises of a number of components designed to help the patient on various physical aspects. One of the components is cardio-vascular endurance, which helps the patient to strengthen the cardio-vascular system. Some of the physical exercises to help a patient achieve this form of endurance include running, cycling and swimming. Muscular endurance is another component of a fitness and recovery program and includes activities such as dancing, jogging, and walking. Other additional components are muscular strength and flexibility.

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