If You Want to Know When Your Kid is Using, This is for you

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How to Know if Your Child is Using

Parents are warned of the dangers their children may face if they use drugs and alcohol. But what do you do, and what if you don’t even know your child is using drugs and alcohol? The thing is, even the best parents will have trouble knowing for sure if their kid is using. If you are unsure then you can look for a few of these signs we are getting ready to tell you about. Do know this though, you are a parent and you know your kid. Regardless if there are signs or not go with your gut instinct on this one.

  1. The Most Obvious and Number One Sign Your Kid is Using is Finding the Drugs

Drug paraphernalia, drugs whatever it is. Do not ignore this sign. If you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your kid’s room, in their jean pockets, whatever, then it’s time to address it. And when you do don’t fall for the whole it isn’t mine story. Why? Because it is 9 times out of ten isn’t true. If they aren’t using drugs already they definitely aren’t hanging out with a crowd that is void of them. Either way, I am telling you from personal experience that if your kid has drugs on them or any kind of paraphernalia it is 98% of the time theirs and not a friends and is a sure sign your kid is using. Now that doesn’t mean that it is out of control but it can be a good indicator. It is usually only kids and even adults who are using frequently who have paraphernalia and drugs on them.

  1. The Behavior Changes

Changes in behavior are a pretty credible sign that drug use is going on. But there is always that off chance that your kid is just going through something. Chances are if you ask them what’s been going on and it is drugs, they will act defensive. Coming home late, staying out all night, a new group of friends, EXTREME mood swings, and all of that good stuff that is out of the norm for your child are signs that they may be using drugs. Your gut is your best chance when it comes to behavior. If your child seems really different lately it might be time to have a chat.

  1. Things Start Going Missing From Life and Pockets

Friends that used to be friends, hobbies that used to be fun, money that should last a week, all of it starts to change and disappear. Old friends get replaced by a new group of people you have a bad feeling about. Your kid has no interest in the sports, or activities they used to love. Money you give them is gone too quickly and they are always asking for more. In a further progressed case of drug use, your money may even end up missing. All of this is a sign of SOMETHING going on with your child. While it may not be drug use, it may be time for a talk to see what could be going on. Chances are if it’s drugs you will know.

If you are really worried that your child could be using drugs, first, sitting down and talking with them about it is a good way to open up the avenues of communication. Don’t scold, don’t accuse, just talk. Let them know you’re concerned and why. Worst case scenario just head down to your local pharmacy and buy a drug test. If your child is using drugs there is a way out. There is help available for them You as a parent know what the right thing is to do because it is your child. Follow your instincts. Because, while we do write blogs like this, you know better than anyone what to do. Go with that, and if you need help give us a call.

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