If We Could by Peter Marinelli

Thoughts by Peter Marinelli

If we could go back in time and visit our past self, what would we want to say to ourselves?

Standing where are we are now with more life experiences and perhaps spiritually evolved, we can look back into our past, first with compassion and second with great understanding.

The question is: would we want to change anything or would we want to offer some sound advice or simply go back to ourselves and give ourselves a warm hug and say it’s all going to be ok.

I had this experience happen to me via a mediation experience years ago. I received instructions to go back to a place from my childhood where there was great pain happening to me as three year old. I reflected on the event for years, which stayed with me and caused horrible memories and fueled fear and uncertainly, coupled with blame.

At three years old I watched my mom who was sick with alcoholism and some emotional trauma have a nervous breakdown and I couldn’t do anything about it or anything to stop it. I grew up thinking I could’ve done something to prevent it and even –dare I say- did something wrong to cause it. One day I went back to the exact spot where this took place. I kneeled down and took this little guy (me as a three year old) in my arms and held onto him and told him it’s ok, it was not your fault “let this go”.

Now I was an adult and did this purely on a spiritual plane, but it was one of the most intimate moments I experienced in my life. The result was that I was able (with the guidance of a loving God) free myself of the past and free myself of pain.

How about relationships we may have been involved with, that we look back and say to ourselves what were we thinking.

Perhaps jobs, carless with money the way we treated others including our children or parents. What would we say to ourselves? The goal, however, at some point is to get to a place of acceptance and to make each present moment a love moment, filled with honesty and integrity, carrying the vision of Gods will into all we do.

These are the good old days.


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

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