Hugh Hefner’s Heirs Must Be Addiction Free To Receive Inheritance

Hugh Hefner

No Playboy lifestyle for Hefner’s heirs

After a life of beautiful women and legendary parties, it turns out that Hugh Hefner included a cautionary clause in his will, hoping to insure that his heirs will not blow all their money on drugs.

According to documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Hefner’s trust states that if any of his beneficiaries — which include his four children, Christie, David, Marston and Cooper, and his widow, Crystal — “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substances” and is dependent on the drug or chemical substance, they will be removed from his trust.

According to details of the trust, “If the trustees reasonably believe that a beneficiary of any trust routinely or frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance so as to be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use or consumption of alcohol or any other legal drug or chemical substance that is not prescribed by a board certified medical doctor or psychiatrist in a current program of treatment supervised by such doctor or psychiatrist, and if the Trustees reasonably believe that as a result the beneficiary is unable to care for himself or herself, or is unable to manage his or her financial affairs, all mandatory distributions to the beneficiary, all the beneficiary’s withdrawal rights, and all of the beneficiary’s rights to participate in decisions concerning the removal and appointment of Trustees will be suspended.”

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To read more about Hugh Hefner’s trust, please visit Entertainment Tonight.

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