Scenic Hudson Valley Fighting Ugly Opioid Epidemic

Hudson Valley

Small NY Towns Slammed By Opioid Crisis

The Hudson Valley has long been one of the most scenic areas in the country, and is dotted by picturesque small towns and scenic vistas. Unfortunately, in recent years these bucolic settings have been home to a deadly epidemic of heroin overdoses that shows no sign of letting up.

Residents though, are starting to step up to turn the tide. At a recent meeting in Coxsackie, Senior Public Health Educator Jillian DiPerna highlighted the history of the opioid epidemic, programs that are available to help and statistics for Greene County.

Greene County has the second-highest number of heroin overdose deaths, third-highest number of opioid overdose deaths and the ninth-highest number of visits to a hospital for opioid-related overdoses in the state, DiPerna said.

“We all know that we have a problem in this area,” DiPerna said. “We have some of the highest rates in the state — we’re such a small county.”

Unfortunately, the steady flow of drugs into the region, just north of New York City – means that it is relatively easy for addicts to feed their addiction.

Heermance Memorial Library Director Linda Deubert reached out to the Greene County Public Health Department to host the presentation. “I thought it was an important program to host,” Deubert said.

“We’re just starting to realize what the problem is,” Deubert said.

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To learn more about how towns in the Hudson Valley are fighting the opioid epidemic, please visit HudsonValley360.

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