Choosing Sobriety in 2015: How Will Your Write Your Story?


New Years Eve is probably the biggest party of the year. It’s a celebration. It is normal and even tradition to get hammered until the ball drops and even after. But for those of us in recovery the wild party and getting drunk isn’t an option for us. We have a sober New Years Eve. And honestly, while for some it may sound like a total bummer, it actually is one of the greatest blessings we have ever received.

So what do you do if you want to go out on New Years Eve?

If you are feeling triggers and you want to drink on New Years Eve it may be best to call some sober support. Spending time with other people in recovery can make it much easier to not only forget about the fact that you wanted to drink but it can also can make it fun to not be drinking. Your sober supports will remind you of all the reasons you got sober in the first place and why it would suck to get drunk. Honestly, if you are hell bent on drinking on New Years Eve chances are you are going to drink. But if you do the right thing and surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and your sobriety and stay in a safe place, you will be fine. Trust us when we say, the New Years Eve parties down at the clubs have nothing to offer but pain, misery, and blurred memories of fake laughter and fake friends. It isn’t worth it.

So what happens when you end up not drinking?

Well…instead of waking up on the first day of the New Year possibly hung over, sick, or with no memories of the night before, we, I mean you and me, will wake up feeling refreshed and motivated for the year ahead. We will have goals, plans, dreams and visions. And while I am not saying the rest of the world doesn’t have those things, for us the start of a New Year means something different.

It means gratitude that we get to have another shot at this whole 365-day thing and we want to make the most of it. Our sober New Years Eve gets to be a time of reflection for us, and all that we have accomplished through this year.

Whether it is the fact that we just got sober, are now getting sober, or have been sober for quite awhile now, we get to reflect on all the amazing things we have managed to do in just the short span of a year. We get to look back and see the person we were, the person we are now, and then also look ahead to the person we could become.

It is exciting and motivating to think about all we can do in the next year. We may set New Years resolutions. And if we do, we tend to stick by them. I have realized that addicts and alcoholics can either be very good at sticking with goals or not at all. Either way we are creating visions of ourselves and where we want to be, what we want to be doing, and who we can help along the way.

Our actual sober New Years Eve parties consists of tons of laughter and amazing friends who have been with us on this journey and there is no need or want to drink. Why? Because, New Years Eve IS a celebration. A celebration that doesn’t need alcohol for us. It is a celebration of all the amazing people in our life, of our sobriety, of our goals achieved, of our mistakes, of what we have learned and who we are becoming.

For us, not drinking makes each year full of LIFE because the focus isn’t on getting high or drunk anymore. So much of the time we spent trying to get high or drunk was lost. Today our time is spent focused on what we can do to not only make ourselves better but also, the world better and the people around us better. And this creates amazing things to happen in our life.

A New Year is a fresh start and we get to make the most of it! It is so amazing to have a sober New Years Eve.

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