How to Know if Your Loved One Uses Meth

Methamphetamine is a potent illicit stimulant drug that can be very dangerous to addicts and to those surrounding them. When someone is addicted to meth it can change who they are and that affects their entire community. The drug effects the addict’s central nervous system, their dopamine and serotonin receptors. With long term use, meth can do all kinds of damage to a person including cause violent outbursts, depression, and paranoia. These sometimes devastating side effects can wreck the life an addict once knew and, if it isn’t clear that the person is using meth, they can confound the people around them, and cause major relationship problems for the addict.

There is hope.

Treatment for methamphetamine is available through FHE Health drug rehab centers in South Florida. FHE offers individualized treatment plans for each patient recovering from meth addiction or any other drug. Each person recovering comes with their own set of needs and possible co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis.


Common Questions About Meth

Is My Child’s ADHD Medicine Meth?

Not exactly. Medicine like adderall that is prescribed to people with ADHD is similar to meth in the chemical structure of it – it is an amphetamine – it is not methamphetamine. While strictly monitored by a physician and taken according to your doctor’s direction ADHD medication should be fine for your child or for whomever is taking the prescription.


What are Signs of Someone Using Meth?

When someone uses methamphetamines they don’t eat much as it has appetite suppressing qualities. They are usually full of energy and wide awake. Their respiratory system may work faster as will their heart. Another not always obvious symptom is a raised body temperature.


What is Tweaking?

Tweaking is something that generally happens at the end of a drug binge. When finding the high the drug user is expecting may be more difficult. If tweaking the meth user will fight to achieve the euphoria or sense of wellbeing that meth usually offers them. They will use and reuse in an effort to find that sense of what feels to them like happiness. This can lead to psychosis. They may be awake for days, unable to sleep because of the effects of the drug. They may hallucinate and experience extreme itching. Many people begin to believe they have bugs crawling under their skin. This psychosis can lead to the possibility that the person suffering from meth addiction may hurt themselves or someone else around them.


What is a Crash Phase?

Crash phase is a phase in a person’s chemical dependence and addiction to meth where the addict sleeps for long periods of time, sometimes for days.


What are Other Visible Symptoms of Meth Use?

  • Scratching and picking at their skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Facial tics, tremors
  • Increased talking
  • Mood Swings
  • Dilated pupils

Finding Treatment for Meth Addicts in Florida

If you’ve read this article and think someone you love is using meth you can find help through detox and rehab centers in Florida. Drug detox is only the first step toward treatment for meth addiction. A person struggling with addiction needs a tiered addiction recovery approach including detox, rehab, and aftercare to make sure they can sustain their sobriety. FHE Health is here to help. Call today to get answers.

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