How Much Money Does It Take To Be Happy?

Although we are raised to believe that the more money we have the happier we’ll be, studies show that this is only true up to a point. The needs of safety and emotional well being remain consistently important even while there is an upper limit where the effects of money are less important.


Gambling Addiction

It is true that a lack of money is a sure sign of a struggle in America. Poverty opens the door to physical and mental health problems, drug addiction, and many other problems. Many people attempt to avoid or escape poverty through gambling, lottery tickets, and investing. This risky behavior, combined with the dopamine release in the case of a win, can lead to an addiction.

Instead of earning large amounts of money, compulsive gamblers are always on the edge, pouring huge expenses into their addiction. They risk the very poverty they seek to avoid.


This Affects Rich People Too

There’s a stereotype that gambling is a poor person’s problem, but this is far from true. People in all walks of life struggle from gambling addictions. Many a wealthy person has squandered it all away in casinos, many an upper-class stock trader has committed suicide after losing big or in a recession.

Hope is a good thing, but the pushers of lotteries, casinos, and investment firms pervert it. They want to twist your hopes and your fears into getting you to risk everything. Sure, just enough people win so they can convince people it’s possible, but make no mistake: the game is rigged. Gambling is far more likely to make your fears real than to help you avoid them.

If you think you may have an addiction to gambling, or think that gambling is your only option to avoid poverty, please realize there are other options. Our gambling addiction treatment services in Florida are here to help. Call us now at (844) 299-0618.

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