How Can I Pay For Rehab?

drug rehab facility How am I going to be able to afford rehab? That is the million-dollar question, now isn’t it? Yes it is. Well I have good news and bad news depending on your situation. The good news is that rehab is not as expensive as you think and that you have more payment options that you think. The bad news is that one way or another you’re going to have to pay something (even if it’s just your plane ticket) to get to and attend rehab. Going to a rehab clinic in Florida is a matter of life and death. You must do this in order to break free from your addiction.

Paying for a rehab clinic in Florida – Scholarship

Depending on your situation scholarships are available for a rehab clinic in Florida. Scholarships are fee-free stays at a rehab facility for 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. You won’t have to pay to attend rehab and will receive the same care as those who have paid. As a scholarship recipient you might be required to pay forward the scholarship by volunteering at a local organization chosen by the rehab or agree to document your experience as research for the facility. Scholarships are handled differently at each individual rehab treatment center. You’ll want to call and ask if they offer scholarships and how you can apply.

Paying for a rehab clinic in Florida – Cash

Have you heard of rent or potluck parties? Well how about a going to rehab party? Hey, why not? People rally and raise money for all sorts of things and this is something that you and your family might actually enjoy doing. If you’re not up to hosting an actual event then pick up the phone and start calling family, friends and associates. Sometimes we just have to swallow our pride and ask others for help. Borrow the money if you have too. Do what you can (legally) to get the funds to restore your health.

Paying for a rehab clinic in Florida – Insurance

Believe it or not your insurance will pay for your admission into rehab. Visit your insurances website and find out as much information as you can on inpatient and outpatient coverage, then give us a call and we’ll do the rest. You don’t have to come completely out of pocket for your rehabilitation.

Paying for a rehab clinic in Florida – Payment Plan

Many rehabs will work with you and offer a payment plan. You can make a down payment then create payment terms for the duration of your stay. Sit down with your family and see who can pay what, when. If you need help communicating to them the importance of rehab and why you’ll need to pay for it we can help. Just give us a call and we’ll send you all the information you need.

If you or a loved one is in need of a rehab clinic in Florida, then we can help. Please contact FHE Health at 844-299-0618.

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