Hope for Veterans Struggling with Alcohol Abuse

Many Veterans admit to becoming binge drinkers, especially those who come back from war. They pound back drinks, one after another, after another in hopes of wiping away the painful memories of the horror they saw on the battlefield. If a Vet has been injured and has chronic pain or another persistent health issue, the likelihood that PTSD symptoms will lead to addiction seems to increase.


Coming Home

If you haven’t served in the military you can’t possibly know the kinds of trauma that a tour of duty can afford you. Sometimes a soldier doesn’t even understand fully the toll war has taken until they get home and try to acclimate back to a life where, now, nothing seems normal anymore. They may struggle with feeling disconnected and broken. Feeling useless or hopeless, they might reach for a bottle of wine or a pitcher of beer to take the edge off. But the distraction or easing of the pain only lasts briefly.


Self Medicating

Self medicating, might only make PTSD symptoms worse. Drinking alcohol dulls your instincts and reflexes. It dehydrates you and alters your mood. Some people report back that it can be scary to be under the influence of alcohol and experience a trigger as your mental state is altered, it can aggravate the hopeless feelings you may already be experiencing. Alcohol can also make any anger issues or persistent depression worse.


Are you a Veteran struggling with PTSD, drinking to try and numb the memories you brought back from your tour of service? Those memories might feel impossible to avoid and devastating to relive. It’s okay, you’re not alone. Many Vets suffer from these symptoms. Veterans suffering from PTSD can find sustained relief from pain and trauma through proper therapy and medically monitored treatment with a doctor or at an alcohol detox and rehab center.


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