A hurting loved one hurts those around them. You want to help those you see in your life struggling with addiction. Helping an addict requires patience and understanding. The addict has to do the heavy lifting, but you can be there to offer encouragement and support during the process of recovery. The Florida House Experience can give you the tools you need for helping the addict in your life that is struggling to recover. Tips for Helping the Addict 1. Just be there – you will never be able to make an addict recover, but knowing you are there to love and encourage can be the added boost he or she needs to continue in the journey. 2. Practice saying no – enabling an addict only prolongs the problem. Work with a counselor or support group to know when and how to say no. 3. Gain wisdom and understanding – read up on addiction and symptoms so that you can be more aware of what the addict will face and how to help. Addiction requires time and effort to overcome. Developing a plan can prepare you for helping the addict in your life.

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