Help! I Think I’m Addicted to Xanax!

Xanax has been shown to be an effective drug for the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy-related nausea and many other ailments. Although the vast majority of people who use it for medical reasons do not become addicted, there are still people who do. If you think you’re addicted, you shouldn’t feel shame, but you should seek help.

How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

As a drug, Xanax is certainly something that it is possible to become addicted to. Addiction and compulsive behaviors are similar regardless of the substance involved:

  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms if you haven’t had any?
  • If so, do you use immediately if you develop withdrawal symptoms?
  • Are you developing a tolerance which causes you to increase the dose, or to consider increasing it?
  • Do you avoid doing things you normally do because it interferes with your ability to use the drug?
  • Do you worry about your supply running out?
  • Do you constantly think about your next use?
  • Does it cause problems in your life yet you continue to use it?
  • Are you unable to control how much or how often you consume it?

What To Do If I’m Addicted?

If you experience any of the above, please seek help immediately. One of the biggest problems people with addictions have is denial. Please recognize that this can happen to anyone and isn’t something to feel shame over. Addiction is a medical condition and if treated early can be something you recover from.


In Florida and the rest of America there are many properly trained medical professionals who can help you can learn if you have developed a dependency. If so, there may be alternative medicine that you can take that is less addictive. Your doctor can work with you to help you detox and create a lifestyle that will help you avoid relapse.


Addition happens, and if you feel it’s happened to you, please contact us to discuss your options for beating it.

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