Seeking addiction treatment can be a daunting thing, but its good to know you have options like holistic methods to overcome addiction. Here at Florida House we have the option to undergo holistic methods to overcoming addictions.

We understand the need for alternative treatment methods, and recognize the need for them in our growing society. Addiction is nothing new, and neither is holistic treatment, but it’s just now growing in popularity and use. For good reason! We at Florida House believe that in order for an addiction to be treated, you’ve got to look at what led you to the addiction in the first place.  Its when you don’t, that the relapses happen.

The florida house experience offers outpatient and inpatient treatment for drug addiction.

We treat all aspects of your addictions, the physical and the mental. Since the addiction doesn’t just affect you, but those around you, we offer family counseling and group therapy as well. Sometimes you aren’t the only one that needs help dealing with addiction issues, they can be hard on family members and friends as well.  When you’re able to rebuild relationships, or make them stronger, they can have a monumental impact on your sobriety.

When you’re able to heal the wounds that led you down the road to addiction, you’re able to stop the cycle. Having a holistic approach to treatment is, to us, a necessity.  Without it, the chances for relapse skyrocket. You need to deal with the whole issue, and the whole person. You aren’t just half a person, why would we only treat half your issue ?

Let us show you just how much of a difference a holistic approach today can make in your life. There is a caring counselor waiting to help get you on the road to sobriety today.

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