Have Let Go? By Peter Marinelli

Letting go and turning it over. We hear is too often and yet we hear the struggles in doing so. Why is it? We can look back over the years of how we have done in running our life and it always led back to a drink or drug and some other form of unmanageability. Yet we continue to try to run the show. The pint is we as alcoholics and addicts don’t do life well. It is a pint that one has to become abundantly clear on. It seems once this idea is internalized (and it doesn’t feel good) one can build from there in their surrender to a God of their understanding. What can happen is that folks who don’t the ordinary well, it that we do the extraordinary great.

So what’s in the way? Our attachments to the outcome our attachment to what our life is supposed to look like, simply put anything the mind generates is what we believe. Our attachments will eventually destroy us. We need to know and we need to be okay with not knowing. All we really know is our past and the future is none of our business. We can plan and set goals but the outcome is truly in the Masters hands. Our attachments are what keep us in bondage – a prisoner to the mind. We need to relinquish our attachments to what we think we know and step into the unknown. It’s the field of possibilities and adventure-Gods adventure for us. When we living with attachments we tend to repeat the same behavior over and over. In a new relationship or a new job or a new city in which we live we bring the same old attitudes beliefs systems and behavior and nothing ever changes. We are still living with self will run riot but of course we don’t think so. Letting go or surrendering to the will of God has to be better than what we have done at anytime in our life. Of course on the path of God we may experience some uncertainly because it’s new. However we can rocket into fear because of it pulls back and resort to self reliance thereby creating more fear once again.

Sound familiar. It’s the pain and the gift of desperation that seems to move most folks.

Here’s the question we can ask. First look into the mirror eyeball to eyeball and ask based on my decision making how has that been working so far?

Now are your ready to turn it over to God?


Chop wood, carry water

Peter Marinelli

FHE Health experience

"Peter Marinelli Director of Sober Living "

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