Group Organizing Effort to Expel Drug Dealers

A group of individuals in DuBois, Pennsylvania, is gathering numbers in order to chase drug dealers out of their city. While the organization does not yet have a name, it already has 40 members and a goal to organize into a large structure and increase social pressure until it is impossible for drug dealers to operate. Plans include highlighting the location of drug houses and exposing drug dealers for who they are, but in general calls for the collection of information. So far there is no word as to whether these actions are sanctioned by the city police, so things may get very dangerous very quickly.

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DUBOIS, Pa. — Forty people sat together in a small meeting room at the Hampton Inn with one goal in mind: To expose known drug dealers and force them out of the area.

“This is going to take an entire community,” said John Saunders of DuBois, who organized the group because his family has been torn apart by the opiate crisis over the past several years. “It’s not going to take 30 or 40 people, that’s a small fraction of what we need. We need a lot of people actively involved and probably a lot more people just supporting us.”

The effort will require a large structured organization, Saunders said. Though there are several goals, the first and most obvious one is to expose the drug dealers, and then let the community know, Saunders said. Click Here to Continue Reading

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