Government Advised to Consider Introducing Injection Rooms for Addicts

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Merchants Quay and Ana Liffey Drug Project, a drug treatment group, has urged the government to consider opening injection centers for addicts. This is a recommendation that the group has given to the government in a report they released, which surveyed treatment for addiction and other issues affecting addicts.

The report titled, “A Safer City for All” found that 45 percent of addicts tested positive for infection of Hepatitis C.

Citing Medically Supervised Injecting Centres (MSIC) in Sydney and Madrid that have been successful, Anna Liffey’s, Tony Duffin said that the idea of MSIC’s should be implemented in U.S. treatment centers to stabilize addicts before medical or detox treatment is offered, according to the report. Tony Geoghegan, CEO of Ireland’s Merchants Quay, said that for many addicts, the bar had been raised too high.


  • There’s a group who are intravenous drug takers that are a high risk. This shows that unsafe injecting practices are very high.

  • Dublin city expects increased drug-related activity during this summer.

  • The country does not have a crisis detoxification center.

  • Fourteen percent of addicts take illegal substances in public areas.

  • Of the 125 addicts found to have Hepatitis C, a mere 18 were undergoing treatment.

  • There are low rates for testing of HIV and Hepatitis C.

Recommendations of the Report

  • Better medical treatments and detoxification treatments and facilities for addicts, which will help diminish the Hepatitis C spread.

  • Drug injection centers for addicts.

Alex White, the minister of state for primary care, indicated that the government was open to the drug treatment group’s recommendation of introducing drug injection centers.

Meanwhile, Ireland, where Merchants Quay originates, is making strides in reducing drug abuse. A study of the EU has shown that use of cocaine, ecstasy and heroin has declined in many countries. The drug addiction-monitoring center in Europe has however, warned of synthetic stimulants, warning of 70 new substances detected within the past year. The Ireland numbers of opiate use, including heroin, were higher compared to European standards at 6.2 – 8.1 percent of the estimated users per a thousand people.

Latvia had the highest figures of 5 – 9.9 percent, while Germany had 2.9 – 3.4 and Britain 8 – 8.6.

Heroin and cocaine deaths have also fallen, which is an encouragement for the authorities to step up efforts of fighting drug abuse and setting up rehab and detox centers for recovering addicts.

If you or someone you know is having a problem with drug addiction, seek help now before the problem becomes worse.

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