Got Recovered? by Peter Marinelli

Got Recovered? by Peter Marinelli

How often do we hear “don’t drink and go to meetings”. The language here implies that this and only this is the solution to get recovered from alcoholism, and that abstinence is the objective or goal rather than the spiritual revolution described in the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous.
The question each individual has to ask themselves is this. Is my recovery based in abstinence or in spirit?
If he or she is “real alcoholic” (as described in The Big Book) and abstinence is the goal he or she may be headed for serious trouble.
Not only is the drink on the horizon again but “untreated alcoholism is in full swing. They’re called sprees. The thinking sprees, sex sprees, food sprees, anger sprees ect. This illness will go underground and resurface in other areas of our lives. The tendency here for the alcoholic and addict is to try harder to manage their life (using the same mind the created the problem in the first place) and never ever finding long term success, but always finding a life that is even more unmanageable and driven by fear.
So can an alcoholic successfully manage his or her own life? Based on any alcoholics and addicts life prior to the transformation, the answer is a resounding no. Lack of Power is our dilemma, so a Power greater then ourselves must be experienced.
If one could not drink and go to meetings on their own power, why would they have to go to meetings? They could just make a decision to not drink. Ask any real alcoholic how successful they were at making a choice not to drink.
The 12 steps offer much more than elimination from drinking.
The 12 steps allow us to get recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body via the spiritual transformation thereby revolutionizing the alcoholic’s life.
The obsession to drink is lifted and along with this the alcoholic who seemed doomed, now lives free. They see the world through Gods eyes, hear with Gods ears, speak Gods words and doing as God would see fit.
It’s called “recovered”.

Chop wood, carry water
Peter Marinelli

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