Getting Started in the Addiction Recovery

The process of addiction recovery offers many struggles and trials. Knowing the how, the when and the why of recovery will help you to get the best start in the process. The better you start the easier it will be to find your way to the finish line.
Starting the Recovery Process
When – start right now. Putting things off until tomorrow will only add to the struggle that you face. Now is the only time to start the recovery process (whenever YOUR now may be).
How – there are no tricks or special keys for recovery. You have to find what works for you. It may be a break from the ordinary by checking into a rehab or it may be attending regular support meetings. Find your path to addiction recovery.
Why – recovery has to be for you. You may want to please the people around you. Recovery may be a way to mend fences. But ultimately you have to decide that you want more in your life if you are going to find your path to addiction recovery success.
Start now, for you on your own path to addiction recovery. Those are some of the main keys to successfully overcoming the trials and struggles ahead.

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