Frequently Asked Questions About Day Treatment Programs

day treatment programsDay treatment programs are a level of treatment that helps facilitate long-term recovery and it’s only for those people who are stable enough to get the most out of it. Drug addiction day treatment programs have professional treatment staff that includes counselors, psychiatrists, psychologist, social workers, clinical therapists, registered expressive/recreational counselor and more.

What is a day treatment program?

Day treatment programs are also known as partial-hospitalization. In day treatment programs (partial-hospitalization) a person is stable enough to live at an off-site sober living home and come to treatment during the day. Day treatment clients are functioning in society and have full-time employment, are going to school or pursuing other interest. They are stable in their life and health and are no longer using drugs. Individual, group and specialized therapies are offered throughout the day and clients select which days and times they will come to the facility to receive day treatment.

What is the difference between day treatment programs and inpatient?

Inpatient is an intensive level or treatment that consist of day and overnight treatment. Inpatient requires 24-hour care in a safe and secure area of a rehab facility. Inpatient treatment is necessary for those who need constant nursing care, those who are severely depressed or suicidal, and those who are unable to break the cycle of their illness in a less restrictive treatment setting. Inpatient is short-term until the client can be stabilized enough to move into outpatient or residential care.

What is the difference between day treatment and residential treatment?

Residential treatment offers an intensive and structured drug treatment program with sober living environments. In residential treatment the clients are supervised but not on a strict 24-7 basis as in inpatient. At this point clients have been detoxed and are going through treatment and are given more privileges. The treatment facilities are still staffed on a 24-hour basis.

 What is the difference between day treatment and outpatient hospitalization?

Most people will have severe symptoms of their mental illness or addiction that will cause them to be hospitalized for a few days then discharged to outpatient status. Partial hospitalization is when a person received treatment a couple of times a week for ongoing counseling and support.

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