Four Things Your Recovery Should Not Be


Hearing people speak this week on multiple different topics, the main one being recovery, it got me thinking. And of course when I get thinking, I get writing. Anyways, what I heard was about what recovery is possible of being and that if it is anything less it probably is due to a lack of something in some area of our lives. 

So here it is!  4 Things Your Recovery Shouldn’t Be.

1. Boring

If you are bored in recovery chances are something is missing in your life. Whether it is fellowship, motivation, or passion in your life—recovery can give you all of those things. So when you slack in your recovery that translates into your life and your life then becomes a drag. Droll. Dull.

2. A Constant Struggle to Stay Sober

If you are struggling to stay sober chances are you are struggling to do something your recovery. Maybe it is missing your meetings, or acting out in old behaviors. Whatever it is, sobriety while some days are going to be hard, shouldn’t be a CONSISTENT struggle to stay sober.

3. About Getting the Car, the Girl, the Guy, the House Etc.

Your recovery shouldn’t be about getting the car, the relationship or any of the tangible things. Make your recovery about finding that inner peace and quiet, that ability to sit by yourself and not feel like crawling out of your skin, make it about the being able to sleep at night without playing over your day again and again and again. Recovery isn’t about getting all those tangible things it is about a change of perspective, a change of behavior, a change of living and through that the tangible stuff comes all by itself just by you being a decent, awesome, unique, and virtuous person. And you want to know something cool, because recovery isn’t about that stuff that means you don’t have to have STUFF to be happy. So even if you don’t get the STUFF you will be ok!

4. Lonely

Recovery is about finding friendship, comradery, and a singleness of purpose. You have heard it before, we recover together or we die alone. There is no I in team, etc. etc. etc. Recovery is all about building supports and using other people to connect with and to help you. If you are lonely it is time you got up and tried meeting some new people. Most people in recovery are more than willing to make new friends, and  reach out to spend time with you. Take advantage of it!

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