In NW Indiana, Four Cousins Dead From Overdose

Crown Point Indiana

Heroin Ravages Indiana Family

A family in NW Indiana reflects on how four cousins all died from overdoses over the space of eight years, leaving behind heartbroken family and friends.

Four Cousins Dead From Overdose

As reported by NWI Times, “When you lose a child, it’s like no pain on earth.”

Patricia Mead was talking about the passing of her son, Joshua, in 2000. But she could have been speaking for any of her three sisters, who also each lost sons, within eight years of one another. All from heroin overdoses.

“I remember that feeling, too, when we were lowering George’s casket. I said, ‘This is it. There’s nothing else,'” said Mead’s sister, Polly Fisk. Her son, George Sorrels, died of an overdose in 2004. “Losing a child, there’s nothing worse.”

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The opioid overdose crisis has reached epidemic proportions, in Northwest Indiana and the country as a whole. The Region saw a record number of drug overdose deaths in 2017. But the crisis didn’t happen overnight. Families in the Region have been torn apart by drug deaths for years now.

The saga started Dec. 29, 2000. Joshua Mead, 23, wasn’t getting along with his loved ones, with his pregnant girlfriend. So he went out drinking.

He consumed a fifth of Southern Comfort that day. He took several Xanax bars. He hung out at a bar in Highland until close.

His buddy who drove him home wanted to get some heroin. They did some, and Joshua passed out at a friend’s house.

That night, he was gasping for air. His friends thought he was snoring. When they turned on the light, he was blue.

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To learn more about how one family in NW Indiana has been struck by multiple overdose deaths, please visit NWI Times.

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