Florida Woman Pretends to Have Cancer to Get Money For Opioids

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman running from the law for a whole year, but the real story is what she did while she was on the run. Heather Grey, 32, stole from C.J. Cannon’s restaurant in Vero Beach where she was formerly employed, and was arrested for that crime.

She broke her probation and fled, escaping three arrest warrants, and made ends meet by scamming her own friends and family. Using social media platforms, she told her loved ones she had cancer, or whichever other medical issues she thought might work, and used that to leverage them into sending her money. She used the money she scammed to pay for opioids and other drugs, as well as to use a room in a house. Deputies eventually learned which house she was living in – near 20th Avenue SW and 19th Place SW in Vero Beach – they got a warrant, and they arrested her.

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Deputies arrested a fugitive woman Monday afternoon for violating her probation.

But investigators say they’re also seeking victims of another one of her alleged crimes — accused of scamming people fund her drug addiction.

Heather Grey, 32, was originally arrested for stealing from the C.J. Cannon’s restaurant in Vero Beach where she used to work. After violating her probation in relation to that case, deputies obtained three warrants for her arrest in June 2017. Grey managed to evade law enforcement for an entire year and resorted to scamming friends and family during that time period, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. Click Here to Continue Reading

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