Florida Man Feeds Child Xanax To Make Him “Chill” After Sugar High

Although nearly any story we share that has to do with Xanax withdrawal symptoms or Xanax detox is already almost guaranteed to not be an exciting or happy story, an incident out of Orange City that involves a man forcing a 10-year-old kid to take the addictive substance. What’s even more telling about this person is that he was originally held up by the police due to driving under the influence, at which time the forced Xanax complaint came in from his girlfriend.

His reason for giving the young boy Xanax? He wanted the kid to “chill”.

Orange City police said a man helped his girlfriend’s 10-year-old son wash down some Xanax with a “nacho chip” after he gave the boy the drug to make him “chill.”

Alexandre Correa Da-Silva, 30, of Orlando, was driving recklessly in the 800 block of Volusia Avenue when Orange City police officers pulled him over and arrested him on suspicious of driving under the influence, police said.

While Da-Silva was arrested, police officers were also on Ohio Avenue investigating a complaint made by his girlfriend accusing Da-Silva of giving her son narcotics.

The girlfriend told police she came home from work to find Da-Silva passed out on the bed with pills lying next to him. Her 10-year-old son told her Da-Silva gave him bad-tasting “medicine” earlier in the day and told the boy it was the antacid Tums.Click Here to Continue Reading

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