Florida House Detox Adds 60 New Beds in Efforts to Provide Help to Suffering Addicts

Expansive of Detox Approved by the Deerfield Beach City Commission

florida house detoxFHE Health Detox, a division of FHE Health, has been approved by the Deerfield Beach City Commission to add 60 new beds to our facility on Tuesday night.  We hope to improve the amount of people who can be helped each month with state of the art detox approaches. With our detox patients rapidly increasing, the Florida House staff realized the best way to address the increasing number of addicts is to expand our facility to increase the amount of people we are able to help. Expanding the detox center will provide more options for the millions of addicts suffering in the country.

Although the detox center is located close to a residential neighborhood, members of the recovery community, find it important to raise acceptance of drug treatment and detox centers in the area.  The Deerfield Beach City Commission has allowed this increase because many people find regulating rehab facilities can be considered unconstitutional. Addiction is a nation wide epidemic that is harshly affecting not just Broward County, but also all of South Florida.

Florida House has compromised by promising to put up a 5-foot-high wall and landscaping that will shield the treatment center from residencies east of Federal Highway.  This will make sure the patients and facility are kept as private as possible to ensure safety and anonymity.

FHE Health Detox is excited to get this opportunity to help more addicts that are seeking to better their lives through attending drug treatment.

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