Florida Drug Treatment: Why Florida?

Florida has become the place to seek drug treatment. With so many drug treatment programs located throughout the country, many people may wonder what sets Florida programs apart from other programs? Florida provides many benefits that other areas of the country cannot, including the thriving recovery community, amount and variety of drug treatment programs and excellent facilities and professionals, just to name a few.Having so many drug treatment programs in Florida creates a unique situation that fosters shared knowledge, as well as a level of healthy competition between the programs. Drug treatment programs must stay abreast to the latest developments in recovery in order to provide the best possible treatment for clients and remain competitive. As a result, Florida drug treatment programs have attracted some of the best and brightest in the recovery field that have decided to dedicate their career and life to helping individuals in recovery. 

The amount of drug treatment programs in Florida also ensures that everyone can find a program that will meet their needs.  There are a variety of programs to choose from including 12-step based programs, holistic programs, dual diagnosis programs, gender based programs, professionals programs and more. There are also many different levels of care that clients can receive during drug treatment in Florida including outpatient, inpatient, partial hospitalization, sober living and more. No matter what your or your loved one’s needs are, there is a Florida drug treatment program that will meet them.

There is also a large amount of support and guidance for recovering addicts in Florida that may not be found in other parts of the country. The amount of programs located in such close proximity has raised the level of understanding and support for recovering addicts, both while enrolled and after drug treatment. There are tons of meetings and workshops to attend, as well as wonderful job opportunities and networking possibilities for recovered addicts. Clients can choose to stay in Florida after drug treatment to enroll in a sober living community where they will work to readjust back to living independently and staying sober. Sober living gives clients a chance to look for a job, attend classes, engage in the local community, and more while all in a sober, structured living environment.  Choosing Florida drug treatment gives addicts access to the recovery community in Florida and the ability to build a strong support network, whether they choose to stay in Florida or go home after drug treatment.

Choosing Florida drug treatment also gives clients a chance to get away from home and focus on their own sobriety. Many times being home can hinder an addict’s ability to succeed in recovery, either due to responsibilities and stress of home or the environment and people they surround themselves with. Going to Florida affords them the time and space they need to work on themselves and their recovery.

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