Florida Blue to Cease OxyContin Coverage


Florida Blue to Cease OxyContin Coverage

Starting Jan. 1, Florida’s largest health insurer will cease coverage of the drug in favor of a painkiller less easy to abuse.

The alternate medication, Xtampza ER, is similar to OxyContin in that it is an extended-release, oxycodone-based product.

However, the big difference is that Xtampza is more chemically suited to prevent users from crushing, snorting or injecting it — all means of getting a quicker, and potentially more lethal, high.

Collegium Pharmaceutical, the manufacture of Xtampza, notes: “Although Xtampza ER is formulated to make manipulation more difficult, it cannot entirely prevent abuse; abuse of Xtampza ER by injection and via the oral and nasal routes is still possible.”

Read more at USA Today.

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